Last call for abstract submission. Closing date February 08, 2013

Please send your abstract as an e-mail attachment to

The subject of the message should begin with 'Abstract' followed by the surname of the participant.

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Abstracts should be written in English. Type the text in single-line spacing using Times New Roman font, 11 points. The file should be in MS Word format and the file name should contain the presenting author's family name. If there is more than one abstract from the same author, the name of the author should be followed by a corresponding number. Please indicate whether you prefer oral or poster presentation. The Scientific Committee will make the final decision on the form of the presentation.

Abstract instructions

Please arrange the abstract as follows:

  • Title in boldface, in CAPITALS

  • New line with Author(s)' name(s), separated by commas (initials separated by full stop only, space family name comma, repeat as necessary). The presenting author should be underlined.
    Do not add titles (e.g. Prof., Dr., etc).

  • One line blank.

  • Type text on a new line without indentation. The abstract should be informative and of an appropriate scientific standard. It should include sections on Background; Objectives; Methods; Results; Conclusions (without the titles of the sections). It is not satisfactory to state:
    "the results will be discussed". Tables and figures are not permitted.
    The length of the text should
    NOT EXCEED 2000 characters
    (with spaces), including no references.

  • New line with the name of the institution of corresponding author only.
    City, postal code and country. Email address of corresponding author .